What We Do

Valve Documentation with LockerLive

Custom Valve provides valve test reports and other documents as required. In addition, we offer an optional Valve Locker service that can help with tracking repairs and for compliance purposes. Valve Locker is in the cloud and is available as a subscription-based service.

Locker Live

Engineering Department

Using years of extensive technical experience and an ever expanding knowledge base in valve sizing/selection, material science, instrumentation, and customer plant processes, the Engineering Department works alongside customers, technicians, and sales to solve a wide variety of problems for customers, both internal and external.

Training Department

The Valve Learning Center is an experiential learning community where knowledge, integrity, quality, creativity, curiosity, ethics, responsibility, and the free exchange of ideas are valued. Our mission is to provide the absolute best valve educational experience to our students. VLC’s courses can be customized to meet your company’s need.

Valve Learning Center

Valve Efficiency Program

Custom Valve has recently created the Valve Efficiency Program to execute a fairly significant valve asset recovery and valve repair. The program is designed to save significant money by recovering the value of valve assets that were owned by a customer, but not being utilized by them, due to the condition of the valves, the lack of documentation on the valves, or the lack of knowledge of what was in the unidentified valve inventory.

The project involves complete evaluation, documentation, repair and remanufacturing of all the valves the customer had accumulated for various reasons, and was holding in their excess and unidentified lay down area.

Custom Valve will be responsible for turning what was a yard full of un-utilized assets in to a wealth of top notch remanufactured, tested, and documented valve spares.

Phases include on site sorting and transport of targeted valves to our facility, as well as inspection, documentation, and economic evaluation for repair of each valve.